Robert Harting

Olympic, World and European gold medalist, discus (GER)


“We are all here to support the family Stepanov”


Yuliya and Vitaly have experienced great support from all over the world.

They have been coached and consulted by their manager Patrick Magyar from Switzerland who organized their shelter and hiding places in USA especially after the hack of their email and ADAM account.

Patrick also initiated the crowdfunding campaign on which gathered over 80,000 CHF to support the life of the Stepanovs until they get their work permit and can stand on their own feet.


Beckie Scott

Chair, WADA Athlete Committee, Olympic gold medalist, cross-country skiing (CAN)


“They have perhaps made the greatest contribution ever to clean sport”

Petition on

A petition on started on they day the IOC decided not to allow Yuliya to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 resulted in the fantastic amount of 275,565 signatures of supporters worldwide. The target of the petition was to convince the IOC to let Yuliya participate in Rio 2016 under the neutral Olympic flag.

Unfortunately the IOC with Thomas Bach at the top of it completely ignored the voices of all these people round the world. Yuliya was not permitted as an athlete but received a ridiculous invitation as a guest to the games.


Lauryn Williams

WADA Athlete Committee Member, Olympic summer and winter medalist – track & field/bobsled (USA)


“We should make an effort to support them, so that other whistle-blowers know that we are serious about stamping out doping”

Under the impression of the case Stepanova and as a result of the research regarding the russian doping system, Hajo Seppelt and Mathieu Blanchet founded the platform in spring 2016. This platform is closely connected to Yuliya Stepanova and receives fully moral support from her side. In fact Yuliya can be seen as an embassador to encourage more people all over the world to publish their information and to help cleaning sports from doping. wants to support all carrier of information by providing a platform where the whistleblower can stay fully anonymous, even to SportsLeaks itself, if they want to. On the other hand SportsLeaks guarantees to forward valid information to an investigative journalist within their trusted network. That means that all information is handled with care and discretion to ensure maximum protection to the whistleblower.


Ben Sandford

WADA Athlete Committee Member, three-time Olympian, skeleton (NZL)


“They have sacrificed so much and lost so much… give to them, because they have given to us”