Is the IOC really interested in clean sport?

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IOC draws no consequences for positive tested samples of Bejing 2008. 

Seppelt and NiggliHajo Seppelt, investigative journalist and co-founder of just released a new and shocking news story about the retesting programme of the IOC. He uncovers that multiple retested samples of the Olympic games in Bejing 2008 have been tested positive with Clenbuterol. But despite of the fact that even the smallest amount of Clenbuterol is considered as a doping issue, the IOC has not publish the results and has not drawn any conclusions.

I would like to call in mind that the participation of Yuliya Stepanova in the Olympic games in Rio was denied by the IOC with the statement that she does not “satisfy the ethical requirements for an athlete to enter the Olympic Games” – what a hypocrisy!

See the full report in English.

See the full report in German.