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great peopleHello Yuliya,
Hello Vitaly,
it’s about two months now, since the end of the Olympic Games in Rio. A time where a lot of things happened. Your accounts were hacked, you had to move to another place for security reasons. But some days ago we
heard about a big improvement in your life, what happened and what is
your situation at the moment?
First of all, thank you very much for continuing to follow our story and to continue to support us. About 2 months ago we met with the IOC President, Mr. Bach. We shared our concerns about being whistleblowers with him. We felt that the IOC genuinely would like to help us. The IOC offered to Yuliya an Olympic Scholarship which she will use for training and Vitaly was offered to be a consultant for the IOC so the IOC understands what challenges whistleblowers face while exposing cheating in Olympic Sports. Both of us were glad to receive such offers as Yuliya would love to continue competing as a clean athlete and Vitaly would love to continue fighting doping in sports.


Yuliya, regarding you new situation, do you have any idea when your fans and supporter can see you participating in a contest? Is there already something in scope?
As of now there are no competitions scheduled but I am hoping that in the beginning of 2017 I will be healthy and in good shape and that should allow me to be entered in some competitions in USA. I will let you know as soon as I have updates about my competition schedule.


Yuliya, how do you manage to keep you fitness? Do you have any training facilities or any support from a trainer?
I’m very grateful that in the past two months I started working with a German coach who is helping me with my training. I have a dirt track and a synthetic track near my apartment. There are also many trails in the area to do long and easy runs. For recovery I use swimming pool and sauna a few times per week at a fitness center. I also have massage 2 times per week.


Yuliya and Vitaly, you have experienced hard times. Have you ever regretted your decision to publish your information about the doping system?
We do not regret our decision to tell the truth. It’s a lot easier to sleep at night when you don’t have to hide anything. The more time goes by the more support we receive from different people around the world and this makes our journey amazing and unbelievable. 


Have the last months changed your view on the world or the people?
From the beginning we were hoping to find honest and ethical people that will understand our story and our intentions. We are very fortunate to learn that the world has many many great people, you just have to start looking for them and you will find them.


If you a had a wish for free, what would be your wish?

We would wish for sport without cheating 🙂


Yuliya, Vitaly, thank you very much for the interview.