Anti Doping Prize in Berlin

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Anti Doping AwardOn the 6th of December 2016 Yuliya Stepanova received the Anti-Doping-Prize awarded by the Doping-Opfer-Hilfe ( in Berlin.
To keep their personal security and because they are still in an ongoing asylum procedure, neither Yuliya nor her husband Vitaly were able to travel to Berlin.
Instead, a Skype conference was established, so that they were able to follow the event and to answer questions afterwards.

The laudation was held by the former sports official Hans Wilhelm Gäb, who returned his olympic medal this summer, as a protest against the decision of the IOC and who criticized the behaviour of the IOC and its president Thomas Bach in several interviews.

Wilhelm Gäb described the inhumanity of organized doping by quoting Yuliya Stepanova with the words: “The coaches take a girl and feed her with pills […]. And when she gets caught they just throw the athlete away and take a new one.”
He called Yuliya Stepanova as “perhaps the most important whistleblower in the history of sport” and closed his speech with the words: “Dear Yuliya Stepanova, you have set a worldwide sign of hope. We and the world of sports have to thank you.”

The ceremony, including laudation and interview, is available on the facebook site ( Even without a facebook account!
Language of the ceremony is German.