Andrey Dmitriev fled from Russia

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Andrey Dmitriev on ARD
Andrey Dmitriev on ARD

This article is not directly about the Stepanovs but it is so closely related to them that we think might interest you as well.

Andrey Dmitriev just fled from Russia to avoid further threatening. Some weeks ago Dmitriev gave an interview to the German broadcaster ARD, conducted by journalist and SportsLeaks co-founder Hajo Seppelt. In this interview he testified that the banned coach Vladimir Kasarin is still active and still training athletes. He even delivered private videos showing Kasarin during a training session.

Now the pressure has become too hard and he decided to flee to a country far away from his hometown. “I feel save now”, he said to Seppelt.

We wish him all the best and a save future.

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